The Future of Radio.  
It's in the title for Void's sake!

Who, What, HOW we are:

Theatre of Tomorrow, Sci Fi, Audio Drama, Los Angeles
Travis McMaster (Creator, Writer):
The "McMaster-mind" behind the Theatre of Tomorrow. Travis has been cultivating the many strange tales to grace ToT's airwaves in his brain sac since pupation back in the 80's.  Which 80's you ask?  We may never know!!!  
Travis does not have a daughter, but loves children all the same, as evidenced by this file photo circa the 90's.  Which 90's you ask??? Foolish humans.  You'll never learn!
Mark Whitten (Producer, Voice Actor):
The audio production/direction and all the "fiddly bits" you hear during your aural experience are arranged and mixed by this fine... gentleman?  GentleMEN?  He (they?) is/are also an accomplished voice actor(s) who lends ... talents to the storytelling.
Mark fills the two roles on the Theatre of Tomorrow as evidenced by the two figures in his file photo.  Why doesn't Travis have two figures for his two roles, you ask? ... FOOLISH HUMANS!!
Theatre of Tomorrow, Sci Fi, Audio Drama, Los Angeles
Theatre of Tomorrow, Sci Fi, Audio Drama, Los Angeles
Andy Hamer (Art Design, Bug-in-ear):
The fire-starter for the whole shebang back when he and Travis were just larvae (at least Travis was).  He broke first ground with the "Lost Logs of the Saratoga" concept, and Travis has been living in his shadow ever since.  Indeed, Andy designed our logo, which we blew up on poster board at a local copy store. When the sun is right, Travis finds respite in the cool shade it casts.
Andy has a girlfriend, Arliana, who also makes great art.  She was kind enough to hold Andy for us in this file photo.
A recent pitch meeting with a  major studio such-and-such.
... it went well.
Theatre of Tomorrow, Sci Fi, Audio Drama, Los Angeles

Episode Transcripts

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